What happened when a 26-year-old driven, fashion obsessed Capricorn went after her dreams? Style Snob Boutique was born.

Hi there! I’m Deanne, the curator behind Style Snob Boutique! Growing up I loved writing short stories that involved marvelous characters and their wardrobes. Even before I could write, I was drawing pictures upon pictures of beautiful dresses and dressing my Barbie dolls for hours upon hours. From an early age, I had a flair for fashion and everyone knew it.

I live in sunny Southern California, although I am an east coast girl at heart. I have spent the last ten years in Las Vegas, that is where you can say I evolved throughout my 20’s and ended up here. Las Vegas was truly fabulous and played a big role in gaining experience in the retail and fashion world. I graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where I studied marketing, public relations and advertising. Throughout my 20’s I had multiple opportunities in high-end retail, buying, styling, design, and hospitality. Those experiences helped me get to where I am today, a certified #girlboss. It has taken over two years of straight hustle with my little retail business to get to this moment, and I am excited to say, it has just begun!

The thing I love about fashion and style is how subjective they can be! You get to decide every day how you want to set the tone, simply by getting dressed. It certainly makes life more fun, don’t you think?! It’s fantastic! I am in awe that I get to dress women week after week. I am your ultimate girl's girl, and I love my clients HARD.

With Style Snob, my goal has always been empower women to express their true selves with confidence by unleashing their own personal style with the pieces I bring into my boutique weekly. By creating a solid foundation of staple pieces- from the chic lace camisole to a killer LBD or even the perfect fitting pair of jeans- I help my clients create a well-edited wardrobe with gorgeous pieces that are hand-selected with my clients in mind. It is all about a personal look that is as effortless as it is chic.

I am thrilled you have decided to join me on this magical journey. Please take a look around as I have handpicked everything you see with lots of love and make sure to join me during one of my Facebook lives so I can formally introduce myself. Welcome to the tribe, girlfriend!