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HI everyone! Today I am SO excited to share a little something with you all! Who skips breakfast? Who just doesn't care for breakfast?! Who is like me and you just feel somewhat nauseous in mornings and the thought of "food food" sounds gross?! 

It has taken me many years to figure out what works for me because I do certainly benefit from morning fuel, but don't always feel up for it. I wanted to share what has been working so well for me lately!

That brings me to my next thing, I have found a morning breakfast situation that works wonders for me.  I either like to start my day with a big bowl of fruit or a "chia bomb." A big bowl of fruit first thing in the morning is so amazing. I find that I enjoy a bowl of fruit the most if I mix in bananas, it takes away the tartness that I don't aways love in the morning from raspberries and strawberries. Its simple, just a big bowl of fruit. It is SO GOOD for you and you feel amazing, even Josh agrees and started having fruit vs. no breakfast at all! 



Taking this a step further, my "go to" breakfast/lunch lately is a "chia bomb." I seem to never get sick of it and it fills me up. What is a chia bomb? It is super simple, I make chia pudding (2 easy steps) and add almond butter, berries and a dash of honey! I can't take full credit for this, a local coffee shop does them and I fell in love. They are $6.50 and the coffee shop isn't close to us anymore so I took matters into my own hands. I have actually provided the steps to making this super easy, quick breakfast. You can do them over night and literally gran them and go. The almond butter is what seems to really fill me up and it compliments the chia pudding so well! 

Ingredients you will need, I purchase all my groceries pretty much from Trader Joe's

Almond milk (or whatever milk you prefer)

Chia seeds

organic honey

organic almond butter

organic blueberries & raspberries


First you want to take almond milk, oat milk, soy milk or whatever you choose and put it in whatever kind of container or jar you want. I put about 1 cup of almond milk in my smaller container. I then took 4 tablespoons of chia seeds and mixed into the almond milk and left over night. You can mix in more as needed for whatever size container, its kind of hard to mess up which I love! You can add vanilla extract, maple syrup or honey. I only added a little bit of honey, the berries and almond butter + honey in the end add the flavour for me.

This morning I took the two containers of chia pudding out and simply added the almond butter on top! Everything is to your liking of course, add more or less. Like I mentioned, the almond butter is what keeps me full!



Following the almond butter, I do the berries & drizzle a bit of honey on top. I prefer blueberries and strawberries because again, its quick and I don't have to slice anything. 


And then we have a beautiful, delicious breakfast/lunch/snack! I feel like these are great for kiddos too. My boyfriend loves them so he gets the big one! lol. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! 



Below I have also included health benefits of chia seeds for those who are maybe curious or not as familiar. They are great to put in a carafe of water in your fridge mixed with cucumber & lemon! They are all around something that will benefit you in the long run if you incorporate them into your diet in a way that suits you! Please leave a comment and let me know if you are going to try this!







  • Posted on by Meghan S

    Food always sounds gross in the morning. I’ve tried fridge oats, “breakfast cookies”, granola, almost everything. Dont get me wrong, breakfast food is life, but I’m sticking with my smoothie. All the yumminess of your chia bombs in a drink so I dont have to think about it 😂

  • Posted on by Khephra

    I make overnight oats with apples, chia seeds, almond, coconut flakes, and almond milk. Can’t wait to change it up with your recipe!

  • Posted on by Liliana

    This looks delish! I use to add chia to my overnight oats. I don’t know why I stopped honestly. I’m going to try this, I’m not much of a breakfast eater also, but I like a light snack in the morning too! Ty for sharing.


  • Posted on by Kendra

    Yummm…. so good. I love chia pudding, I’m going to have to try the chia bomb. Almond butter is my jam too!!!! It’s soooooo good

  • Posted on by Nicole

    Looks so good! I’m definitely gonna try it.