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Well girls...after 3.5 adventurous years together, my Joshua popped the question! Ironically enough, it was in Las Vegas where we met and I found that to be so special! Its always so fun to see an engagement unravel, isn't it?! Just seeing how it all makes sense for that particular couple and what the story behind the proposal is. As Rihanna says, "We fell in love in a hopeless place.” So getting engaged in Sin City was perfect for us! I had lost all hope in meeting a good guy there, and then there was my  Joshua!

Let's rewind just a little bit though. We traveled to my adult "home town" of Las Vegas to celebrate my big 3-0 with my closest friends and my family! 3.5 years ago when I was at the tender age of 26, Joshua came into my life and changed everything. Since then we have moved far and near (lol). We moved from Las Vegas, NV to Austin, TX together for about a year. From there, we decided making a life back in Josh's turf - Orange County, CA- made the most sense for our little family (Me, Josh and our son Kobe). This past May we moved into the cutest loft space in Laguna Hills where we finally feel settled in and comfortable, I am so thankful. I suspected an engagement was on the horizon in the next year, I just didn’t know when. Feeling settled and sure about where we are going to make a life together was an important thing to figure out before taking the next step. And trust me, after having a Nevada based LLC, a lost NV license, birth certificate and social security card in the move...we are not going anywhere for a while!! I am just now finally settling in to having my life and my business together here...so we're in the real OC to stay because this girl can't mentally handle another move. I have been quite the nomad in my 30 years of life! But let's get back on track...

You hear people say, "things fall into place." This is one of those examples of it all just happening...don't we all doubt that for ourselves? Especially when we have this timeline or biological clock ticking with marriage, babies, buying homes etc. I was excited to turn 30, entering a new decade with more hopes & dreams is something that ignited my soul. Being proposed to just 2 minutes before I turned 30 was the cherry on top! He certainly did good. 

We had a beautiful day, my best friend Alissa and I got our hair and makeup done per usj. We love to feel fab! We went to "Mon Ami Gabi" for champagne and apps with Josh before getting dressed for our fancy dinner at "Catch." I did not suspect anything was happening...at all. I just thought we were having a normal fun time in Vegas with my closest friends, not that we were getting engaged!

We had a nice time at dinner, lots of yummy cocktails, one that I referred to as the "Fountain of Youth" actually...so I was having a fun little time drinking tequila and green juice combined, GENIUS! My other bestie, Tamina, was flying in from San Diego and she was in on the whole thing. Apparently everyone was! She was arriving super late due to flight delays so Josh was apparently holding out until my sister from another mister was there to witness this moment. When she finally showed up, it was around 11! Josh was certainly starting to act strange. At one point he went to the bar with my friend's boyfriend to have a shot of tequila...wait that was two times lol. At 11:55 I looked at my phone and pronounced, "I TURN 30 IN 5 MINUTES!!" Josh then asked me if he could take me back outside to take photos in front of the beautiful flower walls while I am still 29. I was confused, he was getting annoyed earlier by pictures. I even said, "Why do you want to take photos, we have photos of us from earlier while I am still 29." Everyone said we should go do it so I get up with Josh and everyone starts to follow...with their phones out. Kind of strange right?

At first, I honestly just thought everyone was being nice and wanted to take photos with me when I turned 30. Then as we approached the flower wall I knew something was happening...people were starting to record and it all started happening. 

So, did I know I was going to be proposed to that night? NOT AT ALL. Josh is such a private person and doesn't like to make a scene, so it wasn't something I thought he would do in front of an audience - ever. If anything I thought maybe in front of MY family or even his...but not a whole audience in Las Vegas. 

What he said to me, I will keep sacred but then he dropped to one knee with the ring I picked out 3 years ago and never changed my mind on (I am an extremely indecisive person with things like this, I get over things fast and move onto something else, when I didn’t do that with this ring I knew it was the one I wanted). A beautiful moonstone surrounded by diamonds on a rose gold band...GORGEOUS and so not traditional. This stone has a beautiful meaning and it speaks to me! We can talk all about that in another post though!

I don't think there is any feeling like the moment your man drops to his knee to ask if you want to spend the rest of your life with him. Every time I think of it, my heart races just the same. I am not going to lie though, I was SO NERVOUS with everyone watching. I felt like I couldn't fully like...make out etc. because I am not so comfortable with PDA to be very honest. It was a beautiful, a super sweet moment with lots of random by standers who wanted in on the action (awkward). Josh was so relaxed and happy after he did it though! He wanted to keep kissing for photos and he was having the best time while I remained in shock. 

In the end, the proposal was all ME. My best friends were there, my life lines for so many years. My hair was done, makeup on point, I had a fab dress on (totally would have worn a different one had I known that was going down). But I was in MANOLOS! That’s my favorite part actually, such a CB moment! Pink Manolos, forever my engagement shoes! Lol! And we were also surrounded by florals, I LOVE flowers. It could not have been more perfect. Josh looked so handsome and I’ll never forget how this moment felt. I am so excited to spend our life growing together. 


SO, there you have it...one of the most magical moments for me...he proposed to me at the last minute of my "golden year." I turned 29 on the 29th of December in 2019, so it was certainly a special way to turn 30, as an engaged woman. Now I can truly enter my 30's as "Thirty, flirty and THRIVING." Only let me tell you, I don't know if I got the bride gene...business owner gene YASSS, bride gene I am still figuring out. To be continued...


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    That is so sweet and special!! Thank you so very much for sharing with all of us and sending you, Josh and the fur babies tons and tons of hugs!!!

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    I have so many different reactions to this! How magical. How perfect. How flawless. How sappy. How fun. How Hallmark.
    What an exciting time in your life! It really is extraordinary to have found your forever partner and I love that Shane came into my life when he did. It is always about timing!

    Also, what is green juice mixed with tequila like? So hipster.