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AT LAST! The day has come! I am finally sharing my special little treasure I picked up this summer in Paris! The big reveal of what exactly is inside that big green shopping bag! When in Paris...do as the Parisians do and purchase a Goyard tote! Then blog about it! 

Let's rewind a little though! This summer I jetted off to Europe and did a fun little work/play trip with my "virtual assistant", Roxy. She was was living abroad at the time! We had such a magical time being the girliest of girls in Paris! When we weren't dining in Parisian cafes we were meandering around getting lost in the beautiful streets of Paris and then of course...shopping.

Let’s start this part by pronouncing I am a Goyard lover through and through! As a small business owner with a niche market, something that holds significance is the exclusivity aspect as well. I appreciate the standard Goyard has held through out the years as they were established in 1853 (just one year before Louis Vuitton). Goyard has not changed with time. They do not run campaigns or launch large new collections. They also do not focus on E-commerce, ordering via their website isn't an option. The company is more about building long lasting relationships with their clients and word of mouth. This is how I run my business and I have tried to stay true to that. After spending my 20’s working for small but mighty businesses, this style of clienteling is my vibe and if you have shopped with me, you know this! I have always been drawn to "hidden gems" when it comes to business so it does make sense that I adore this particular brand not just for their product but because of the way they run their show. In a world full of influencers, celebrities and advertisements it is rare to see a brand that has withstood the test of time while remaining desirable world wide. 

I have always been a "tote girl." I LOVE a good tote, I find them to be so chic. When we were in Paris, it was actually Roxy's idea to take me to the ORIGINAL Maison for fun! I had zero plans to shop for myself on that level while traveling, only for my customers. Our day took us to Rue Saint Honoré, a street I hadn't visited the last time I was in Paris but it is very famous for shopping. We patiently waited in a line for a few minutes before entering the beautiful store. I am someone who LOVES history, antiques and anything old really so combine that with shopping and it’s heaven! Everything tells a story so walking into this shop that had been standing right there since 1853 was like walking into another time. The outside of the store was beautiful with the dark wood features in between all of the other beautiful stores on the street. Being in the shop was half the fun for me! One thing lead to another and next thing you know I was walking out with the "Artois" tote in black. Why did I go with the "Artois" vs. the well known “St. Louis”? Well I already have a “St. Louis” from years ago and the “Artois” had a lot of features I loved!  The “Artois” fit my work bag needs well. I love that there is a zipper at the top and that the bottom has more structure. The shoulder strap is also longer, making it more comfortable to loop right on the shoulder no matter what attire I am wearing. Roxy is actually responsible for that one but I so much appreciate the push she gave me as she knew how much I coveted Goyard! I knew right away that I wanted it monogrammed in PINK! I am generally not a pink girl, but I love shoes and bags that have a pop of color. No other colour was even an option, I always knew this tote was going to be complimented with pink! 



 Another reason I ended up saying, "WRAP IT UP" was the dramatic price difference when purchasing in the mother land. Let's just say in the U.S. my bag is more expensive gently used than brand new version in France! Following this shopping excursion we headed for what I ALWAYS call, "post purchase cocktails." Rosé for two! My girlfriends love this routine! 

** Post purchase cocktails

Paris and this particular experience is one I won't ever forget and I am so happy I could share it this time around with all of you. When I was last in Paris I was still working for Diane von Furstenberg and I had BIG dreams of working for myself one day. I did not know that day would come just under 3 years after that first Paris trip. To go back this time around and be able to reflect and treat myself to a “power purse” that I had personalized was so special. The world is our oyster!


 I hope you enjoyed my little story! P.S. I have tied one of our “Twilley’s” from our shop to the bag and I LOVE! The LV version of these retail for several hundred dollars so snag them before they are gone! 




  • Posted on by Tami

    Love this post! Love reading your beautiful adventures!! Love how you keep it real too and explain the history of the small shop!
    Thank you again!! 🙏🥰🙏🥰

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    Wow! What an amazing experience and such interesting history. Everything about those buildings is stunning. Thank you for sharing! And the tote is beautiful too!

  • Posted on by Alisha Medina

    I love everything about this post. This history, the journey, the bond you have with Roxy and that is was all spontaneous. Those are the best bag buys when there is no plan and made the investment. You deserve it girl!

  • Posted on by Khephra

    Thank you for sharing. You got the bag I’ve wanted for years. Maybe the next time I go to France I’ll follow your lead.

  • Posted on by JMo

    Loved this piece DMS! Thank you for sharing your journey to Goyard, it felt like I was right there with you! 😄