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Lately I have been very inspired trying to remain busy & positive not just for myself, but for my fiancé and my community of customers. In the midst of everything going on in the world I have woken up every day feeling more gratitude than I can describe. Why? I am thankful for TIME. I know it’s been a struggle for some being quarantined at home. It has made me realize how normal this all is for me as someone that works from home by herself day in and day out for years now. I also don’t have my friend group here, so my days revolve around my fiancé’s ever changing schedule & how I feel that day. I am thankful he is home with me right now, working and living our life together every day, I think it is a gift.

We have ran Style Snob full time  together 4 different times in almost four years. The first time we knew day one being home everyday wasn’t for Josh, he was excited and then two hours in he got stir crazy. The second time we tried to make it work but it didn’t last long. The third time we worked together so we had freedom to travel for a month it wasn’t as enjoyable. I’m a tough cookie to work with, I’ll say it. I get in a zone, I don’t like constant questions asked, I expect the person to know what they are doing always. I am also an extremely emotional being in both life and with my business because I care so much. It can be a lot. Oh, and I need quiet. Lots of quiet. Due to the current circumstances with what is going on in the world, this is now the fourth time working together and it wasn’t necessarily by choice. It has been the best time, the most harmonious and the most fluid. I am more motivated having Josh here with me everyday, doing more fun things to keep smiles on my customer’s faces than we have ever done before. It just makes you look back to reflect on all the other times, the issues that arose and how you handled them. It has reminded me that we have grown so much over the last 3.5 years. Reflection is so important to me, taking time to see how you are handling the same situations differently, how much better you know each other. What excites me is how will continue to grow, individually and together for the years ahead.

Josh enjoys being out on the golf course the most, but I’m grateful we’ve come together in this trying time and figured things out together these last few weeks. Yes, we still have a communication issue every fourth day, but we are able to work through those things more than ever because all we have is right “now.” We are working through them better to this day than we were two weeks ago when this all started because we are home together and you can’t escape it. With Josh’s normal ever changing work schedule (he doesn’t have a set schedule), I never even knew when he worked everyday. I couldn’t keep track, he would forget to send his scheudle to me and when he did I would forget to look at it. We probably let a lot of things slip through the cracks as far as working through bumps in the road and communication issues because we were both “busy.” Everyone in this world is always so “busy.” This is a time to slow down, take a step back and let growth in. For everyone, this can be a time for growth if you let it. The things that normally would get brushed under the rug, we’ve been dealing with head on now. Even to this day, I feel we’ve gotten to a more common ground on things that have been “issues” for years. Crazy, I know. There is a lesson in everything. For us, we are so thankful to spend this time working together and spending the quality time together. We are connecting on a deeper level, bonding more than we have in a long time with all the coming and going. We don’t even have kids but it seems we are always trying to spread ourselves thin (not too thin because we have boundaries- another thing we’ve learned over the years) to be there for everyone always. So my glass is half full right now, we have many things to be thankful for, this time together as a “family” is something I won’t ever forget.

We’ve only been engaged a few months so it’s like a special time to work on our relationship before marriage. Josh has even expressed how he feels more bonded to our fur babies (so cute). You also realize what is really important and what is not necessary in your life when it’s just the two of you, alone and not able to go anywhere. I am interested to see how this whole experience re-shapes some of YOUR lives & relationships. We may never again have weeks and weeks of time together for a very very long time. I am cherishing every moment wether we are working, walking, making food together, reading out loud together, doing yoga together you name it. I’m soaking in every damn moment and I’m so thankful. Like Rumi said, “All we have is now” and it’s just us two in the end, that’s all that matters. 


I hope you enjoy this little piece of my heart and I hope you are taking away a special lesson in all of this too. Sending all the love and positive vibes to you and yours. 





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    Love this and it is so very true!! We all wish for more time, but it is here now right in front of us! Though being a working from home mom now it has changed our schedules a bit as I feel I need to now make sure my boss is good, his leadership team are good and then still take care of my daughter and hubby too. I have never cooked so much before and am learning to be better though! I still have challenges though, but do enjoy the no commuting with the crazy traffic.
    All in all it is a gift and time for Mother Earth to heal.
    So thank you for this time and in the meantime enjoying each and every sec.
    Thank you again Deanne and many blessings and health to everyone!!

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    So beautifully said. I love that you shared your heart with all of us ♥️ Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you are continuing to do for all of us during this time, I completely agree about taking time to listen, to take in the moments and to honor this time with our loved ones.
    Even though these are crazy times I’m choosing love, light and joys of the heart every day. Some days are easier than others.. I miss my family, my friends .. but I’m forever grateful for everyone doing all the things to keep me safe. I’m kissing the ground I walk on, giving thanks for my health, the health of family and friends, and taking a moment every day to give grace to these things.. the important things ♥️

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    Well said! Some of my happiest times were being at home raising our boys. It was difficult because my husband was gone all week for work but we had wonderful family time when he would come home on the weekends.
    These unchartered waters of ‘distant learning’ has been the most difficult for me because I do not know what it should look like and will I be able to meet all the needs of my SPED students. I know everyone is working on a plan and have given guidelines to help but I am a hands on type of person. I need to touch it, feel it, and implement it before feeling like I understand it! I guess it is my learning disabilities coming out.
    On another note, it has been a blessing in disguise because I am here for my husband during his time of healing after surgery!
    God Bless everyone! Stay safe and healthy!

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    I love this!. We only have now. The past cant be changed and the future is not guaranteed. This was beautiful written doll thank you for this. Certainly puts things into perspective when we’re going through what we’re going through. As I like to say enjoy the little things and appreciate the stuff we tend to forget about as we live our busy lives. I am also a ‘half glass full’ kinda gal, so I am also very grateful for now and my family and fur babies. And of course this amazing community of ladies here at style snob. Thank Josh for us also, for being a style snob on a daily basis with us! ; D

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    Aw D! This is beautiful. I’m trying to be thankful but my kids are making me nuts. I’m also trying to see things from their eyes and understand how frustrating this must be for them. It’s a juggle to be sure. This is not a role I would choose for myself so it brings so much perspective and renewed thanks to all those stay at home moms, teachers, nurses, caretakers, doctors, “essential” employee roles. You really stop and think about the ease all of those people bring to your everyday lives. Thank you for always sharing and for reminding us to stop and take it all in, even when it’s chaos. Because it’s ours.