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TWO years!!! Two successful years doing what I love the very most! Not only have you all allowed me into your lives through Style Snob’s virtual styling, you’ve allowed me to share a part of myself that only my tribe members get to experience! You laugh with me, cry with me, celebrate victories and life’s big events with me!  We’ve been through a crazy year together but we’ve gotten through it with the most positive tribe of #stylesnobs!

I know there are many options to choose from when shopping, so thank you for choosing Style Snob Boutique! You’ve allowed me to dress you from school drop offs, PTO meetings, board meetings, business trips, honeymoons, vacations, quarantining & chilling, birthday parties etc. You name it, I’ve seen you ladies rocking my clothing for it and it blows my MIND!!! My clients support has been a driving factor for me to do more, carry more, style more and curate more collections with variety! Essentially, you are all one big “muse” for me, so thank you. 

I wouldn’t be able to do what I love without kind women who want to not only support my small business but see Style Snob succeed! Thank you to Roxy, my right hand gal who helps makes everything in my head come to life. She also has kept me organized and sane (lol). That leads my to my next thing, I have Roxy to thank for my latest collaboration. 


Today at 4 PM, PST I will launching the  “SS Luxe” Jewelry Collection in celebration of Style Snob’s Anniversary! These dainty, chic pieces of jewelry are #stylesnobstaples! I feel every woman should invest in quality staple pieces of not only clothing, but jewelry too! This collection of gold filled jewelry are timeless pieces that can be layered, stacked and styled with other  pieces you may already own. I hope you will grab a piece that speaks to you and wear it for good luck as that is my intention with “SS Luxe” Collection.

None of this would have  been possible without the support of my fiancé, family & friends. I love you all!

I am so excited to see what the future holds not only for Style Snob, but for all of you! Cheers to two years of growth and cheers to many more!