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Small victory worth celebrating!

Today is the two year anniversary of legally establishing Style Snob LLC. 🥂 I remember I was soooo nervous to hear back from my CPA if the name was taken. At the time I had my little (big) LuLa business but my end game was to use my LLC name as my boutique name when I was ready to curate what is now "Style Snob Boutique."

Here is a little look at how things started. I chose to have a LuLaRoe business because I knew a large amount of women in the United States loved the brand, that it provided comfort to them during different seasons of life. It did that for me also. We will talk more about that later though. LuLaRoe also already had a following so I thought it was smart to try to build a following with a brand that already had a was "established"...am I making sense?

Anywho, at the of me ordering 12k of inventory on CREDIT CARDS...yes on credit cards... I was working in design for "SBM" and started LuLa as a side thing with the intention of doing exactly what I did! It lasted one month before my boss let me go, I was her design assistant and she didn't like that my focus was now my own business and not hers. Totally get it.

This was my cute little loft downtown, Las Vegas. It was my "bachelorette pad." This is my cute little space filled with allll the LuLa when it arrived! 

My first photo I took for marketing purpose with LuLa...on the clock for SBM outside. Oops...just being honest lol. Reasons it didn't end well between us. I will share that also in a later post. 


I am thankful that I am 2.5 years in with my small business, that is an accomplishment I want to celebrate today. I have nurtured my business like my baby & hustled like a #boss since 2017 That didn’t come easy, I used to do live sales 6-7 times a week and twice a day 2 times a week. I did pop ups often, worked late and woke up at the crack of dawn to ship orders before doing my next live sale. I wanted to build a community.


photo of pop up fun at a law firm lol!


Here is a photo of me building my community bahaha (never doing my hair this dark again lol...don't let me).

This all wouldn’t have been possible without the support of friends & family. There have been times I wanted to quit. But I kept going. Since establishing Style Snob LLC. I have been able to move to two states, travel more, be there for the important moments in our friends & family’s lives, host fundraisers, buy my little dream car (my Audi), treat myself & others more, talk to my IG (lol), hire my first official assistant and launch my official website/blog with a foundation of loyal AF customers rooting for me along the way. I am sharing this because I want to inspire others and show the progression of how things unfolded for me. I don’t consider myself successful...yet. I have a ways to go. But today I wanted to reflect on how far I’ve come because it’s rare that I do. I always think about how much I need to get done and let it consume me. I sold that much clothing from my in home boutique I created for myself. I made genuine connections with women, helping them to feel beautiful in their skin...that is my purpose and When passion & purpose collide it’s a beautiful thing. So cheers to another year in business for myself, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done but it’s worth it. It’s still only the beginning...so thank you for following me on this journey. Cheers to everyone else chasing their dreams 👠 Xo, #stylesnob




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    Omg worm!!!
    I am so proud of how far you have come!!! You’re truly such an inspiration. Your hard work is unfathomable and the fact that you accomplished all of this by the age of 27!!! I love you and I am honored to call you my best Fran!!!! You go girl! You’re a girl boss !!!

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    Congratulations!🎉 I am so honored to have been here on your journey from almost the very beginning, as a client of both your Lula biz, and now Style Snob Boutique. You have certainly demonstrated how following your dream pays off! I’m in complete awe of you and your success. Keep shooting for the stars, and thank you for styling us Deanne, my closet is so chic and full of patterns and beautiful colors because of you. Wishing you continued success doll! 🙏🏻💕🙂