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Did you guys know that Style Snob has an office abroad?! In the beautiful city of Brussels?! lol...okay we all know now that I went to visit Roxy so Style Snob could spread its wings a little. Roxy is my assistant/friend/life saver in this thing I call my life. As the summer is the "slow season" for a business like mine (people are traveling/spending time with their kiddos) I looked at this as an opportunity to do something different with my business, and how cool to do it in Europe with Roxy. We wanted to collab in person to bring some amazing content to life for Style Snob while running around doing all the girly things in the process!

This collection was carefully curated specifically to capture on this trip. Our goal was to bring something a little extra special to our audience. As we all know, I work a lot; the benefit of that is I get to take my work with me and I can be as creative as my heart desires on the journey. I love to see new places, familiar ones and everything in between. I love to eat the local food, speak to the local people and shop where the locals shop. I like to be away from home, soaking up something new.  With this collection we wanted timeless pieces while still embodying a bohemian style for our gypsy souls. These are pieces you can throw in a suitcase for holiday or wear out and about wherever your heart desires. With my collections, I always like my customers to feel a "vibe." The vibe can be different all the time, it switches up and that is what makes life a little more fun. I want the process of waking up and getting dress to excite women. I want women to feel they are anywhere in this world when maybe they are at the office working, cooking dinner for their family or out with girlfriends for cocktails. I want women to feel their best in the garments they choose to wear from my boutique. 

That brings me to the gorgeous pieces I brought on this trip...

This dress is brought to you on day 2 of the trip. This beautiful marble staircase made the perfect back drop for this floral number. With an empire waist and a midi length, it works for so many different age group and all different sizes. I also love the flutter sleeve detail, very dainty and feminine. My dream is to have a home made of marble one day...a girl can dream. 

This next look is what I switched into for our trip to visit the city of Antwerp. This is the diamond capitol of the world. We had lunch and wandered around the shops. I always admire the different architecture in downtown areas like this. How beautiful that such modern stores can reside in these old structures. Such a beautiful mix of old and new, I love it. 

The "Afternoon in Versailles" dress is another beautiful midi dress that you can pair with tennies or a pair of gladiator sandals. I paired a cute cross body with my Superga's, leaving me to feel pretty and chic for our walk! 

On day 4 we walked around Roxy's nearby shopping/restaurant area. Another gorgeous item, this beautiful boho "Coast to Coast" gypsy skirt. This skirt is paired with our 'Alise' off the shoulder crop top, but it would also be amazing with a cute graphic tee or a flowy blouse. You can even belt it for an extra touch & a more boho flair.



Our next big adventure was to "Waterloo Ave." a shopping district right by Roxy's flat. We meandered around the shops and window shopped a bit. This was something I was SO excited to do because there is a Diane von Furstenberg store on that street. For those that don't know, I worked as a Client Supervisor/Visual Merchandising Assistant for the company in Las Vegas & Los Angeles for just over 3 years. It was more than a job to me, DVF was my career right out of College. I worked my way up fast, traveled with the company and got to relocate to Los Angeles to help manage our West Coast Flagship. I felt such. connection to the brand, to Diane, and what she stood for. She is a sassy diva of a woman but can you blame her? I always said we were spirit animals, both capricorns, same ideals, same zest for life and almost the same name (haha). Diane is from Brussels, so to visit yet another DVF store in this world and it be in her home town, was a really special moment for me. I love visiting my favorite stores all around the world, its something I thoroughly enjoy. I love to see how they are merchandised and what product each one carries. You can say I am in the right line of work...for sure. Any-who, here is my look in the "Rosarito Wrap Dress" in a gorgeous red. How appropriate that I sport an iconic wrap dress, only from my own boutique this time. "Be a woman, wear a dress." - DVF

 I have linked her website so you can learn more about this brand and see where some of my inspiration is drawn from at times.


We also bought some fancy chocolates for my CUSTOMERS for giveaways from a !



We did a two day little getaway to the Belgian Coast, visiting Roxy's fiancé's family's place in Knokke. I LOVED it! It is so posh and chic. We, of course, loved paroozing the shops and grabbed some sweet treats in between (um, hello Belgian waffles). I also did some buying in this super bougie place, I found some treasures for my boutique and I am SO excited to share them once I get back!


I sported the "Knokke Striped Babydoll Dress" in Knokke because it gave me a chic beach vibe with the stripes and linen texture. It was the perfect piece to wear by the sea with a silky scarf in my hair for an extra little something. 

I couldn't resist taking a photo with some gorgeous hydrangeas right by our flat. One of my favourite flowers, but harder to come across in such a gorgeous pink!



One thing I really fell in love with in Knokke was the lavender that was all around! It was so beautiful and you don't see that in the states so much in downtown areas. IF you haven't noticed, I changed my outfits multiple times a day because why not! lol. This dress shown below is "vintage Style Snob" and I wore it with a new mohair sweater Roxy and I found in Knokke. They were from Paris and marked down, we got super lucky. 

My favourite place we dined at in Knokke was Creme Karamel in the downtown area. We had "petit dejourner" (breakfast) and it was perfect. Everything was so fresh! Fresh squeezed orange juice, freshly baked breads and croissants, fresh jam etc. We had our morning tea and a delicious bread basket spread. I loved every minute of this cute place!

Between the sea, the fresh air, the lavender and the delicious food...Knokke was a 10/10! It was one of those places I may never have visited in this world if it weren't for Roxy, for that I am so thankful.


Pictured above I am sporting a Style Snob bodysuit, silky pants and a white jacket from my closet as it got chilly and rainy.

 Stay tuned for part 2 of my travels...please do leave comments below! I love hearing from you!












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    So much fun! Your food pictures make me so hungry too 😂. And your “vintage style snob” is to die for as usual.

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    We can add Brussels to our itinierary just for the chocolates! So good (even melted)!!

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    I love love love everything!!!! Obsessed with all of the photos and every place you went to! Your outfits were my absolute favorite part ever!!! Everything was just so chic and fun and classic and FABULOUS! Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

  • Posted on by Aida

    Thanks for sharing! You’re trip looks amazing! I love how effortlessly chic you look roaming all around Europe. It’s great inspo :)

  • Posted on by Tami

    Thank you so very much for sharing with us! The trip looked amazing and oh, so much fun! <3