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Style Snob turns 1 today! My baby's first birthday, I am so thrilled I kept her alive for a year! 

Thank you to all my girls who support my dream. I am always so busy worrying about what needs to be done or what needs to improve to move forward, I truly do forget to look back at how far we have come...we even moved to California one month into this new business venture!

I am thankful to have (my girls) customers who just "get me." Women from all over this country that come together week after week to just enjoy each other from the comfort of your own homes, how cool?! It is so neat that we all share the same love for fashion. But more importantly, you share the same kind heart. I can say that confidently as I know at 29, I am someone who does things from her heart and soul. I share from my soul. I give from my soul and I connect with all of you from my soul. Thank you for being so kind and patient as I have maneuvered through this all the obstacles of having a small business.  Shipping is not my strong suit, picking out clothing sure is though!

I just hope that the experience and the clothingI provided through Style Snob continues to bring you joy for many more years to come. We are a tribe of women who stick together, we connect on many different levels and share our gifts with one another. The community we have built together over the last couple of years is a beautiful thing. 

My 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Lathrop always  told my mother "Deanne will work in fashion." When I was younger I thought there was only one way and it was designing. I wasn't as interested in designing, I LOVED styling. I had my obsession with my barbies, styling them and letting my brain run wild. I had my dolls and then I LOVED writing narrative stories so I could describe what my characters were wearing...to a T. Everything lead up to what I am doing so I have to say thank you to those who have believed in me my entire life and of course, my barbies. Now I get to dress all of you, my live barbie dolls. Even when I worked at DVF, I would always say, "I love it because my clients are my live barbies." Thank you again for being apart of something I dreamt about since I was a little girl.

I hope today you just take a moment to think about the uplifting community that you have been able to grow with me, it's something truly special. You are all truly special and I adore each and every one of you. Cheers to all of you fabulous #stylesnobs, I am lucky to be able to serve all of you through my passion for fashion. Cheers to another year of fabulous-ness!




P.S. This is our “Anniversary Dress” this year! Banana leaves to match all my marketing “things.” You can click the photo to view! Xo



  • Posted on by Khephra

    Congrats d! Super thankful for you and your vision. You reawakened a softer side of me. 😘

  • Posted on by Meghan S

    Happy Anniversary!! My first experience with you was announcing you got pieces for an elegant collection. You had wine and was wearing an amazing kimono. It was like you were my instant shopping friend that would never steer me wrong. You continuously bring in amazing pieces that we all die over. No matter where you go in the crazy adventure of life, I think all of us will follow you to see you shine with greatness!


  • Posted on by Cyndi

    Such a great accomplishment! So proud of you and how far you have traveled in just a year! May you have many more! Thank you for always styling us so chic and on point!

  • Posted on by Mia

    Congrats on your very special day! Everything in your collection is super chic, classy and a true closet treasure. Always looking forward to see the new arrivals. Keep up the great work 😉

  • Posted on by Karen

    Congratulations again on your one-year, sweet success with Style Snob Boutique! It is truly amazing that it’s grown into a group of great women that share a love of what you do the best, your boho styling. There are more chic, cute dressed women all over this world because of you!