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The day I met SJP and have photos of the back of her head to prove it...

I feel SATC is a  show that is in so many women's hearts. It never gets old, always gives you a giggle and its relatable for so many different women! I have always felt Carrie (SJP) was my spirit animal in the parallel of life and fashion. It was my aunt Theresa who introduced me to the show over 10 years back. Chick flicks are our "thing" together! Back when I was still in college I went over to my aunt's to have our usual chick flick marathon night and she was shocked I hadn't seen SATC. She had all the seasons on DVD! She told me Carrie is so "me" so we popped in season 1 and the rest is history, a love affair with SATC to this day! 

On August 14, 2019 my dream came true when my aunt, Theresa, took me to the Bellagio Las Vegas SJP Collection boutique to meet my idol, Sarah Jessica Parker! I felt compelled to write about this so the experience is documented on “Sincerely, Style Snob.”  Not only did I meet SJP, I had the privilege of her assistance in choosing three pairs of beautiful shoes that she even put them on my feet! My aunt arrived at the Bellagio early while I was at my hair apt. to ensure we would get to meet her with my SJP heels in hopes that she would sign them. These were my first pair of SJP heels I purchased last year at her boutique in NYC, the "Windsor" and they are everything and a box of Belgian chocolates. Just LOOK at them!

Just a little back story about aunt Theresa. She is wonderful, she doesn't have kiddos of her own so as her sister’s only daughter,  I have held a special place in her heart since I was a tot, she is also my God Mother. I am the girliest girl and both my grand mother and aunt have gone out of their way to make me feel extra special my entire life. My aunt Theresa especially enjoys treating me to special experiences that are "us." Shoe shopping with SJP is an “us” thing for sure. 

 SJP was everything I imagined and more. When I first walked into the SJP boutique and spotted SJP on her hands and knees physically putting shoes on people I lost my breath and began to tear up. I met my aunt right by her and Whitney, one of the women helping out from her NYC showroom, told me where to have a seat and explained Sarah Jessica would work her way over to me. Whitney also informed us that SJP wasn't doing a signing or taking photos as she wanted to spend her time connecting with the women trying on her shoes (what a doll, right?!). She was very hands on, helping the ladies find their perfect pair of SJP shoes. As for me, I knew I wanted BOWS! Even SJP had on a pair of pumps with a bow in the back and I think it’s  such a beautiful touch. I love seeing that little bow detail on the back of her shoes, it's simply gorgeous. The tears swelled up in my eyes when she was slipping the beautiful "Trance Point Toe Satin Pumps" onto my feet. My aunt was treating me to as many pairs of shoes that I wanted, so those were #SOLDTOME! 

SJP chatting with my aunt again right before leaving to catch her flight!

 SJP was so sweet, she reminded me of her character, Carrie Bradshaw, very much. The way she grabbed you in excitement and put her hands on your legs to say "These look fabulous on you" was like hanging with one of best girlfriends! she even worked with my aunt, helping her to find flats and a lower block heel that would work for her as she doesn’t sport pumps. They have a great selection of chic and timeless flats or low block heels for those that can't wear a higher heel! SJP was chatting with both of us, making us feel like we were important to her. My aunt was asking her how her kids were and I kept joking that they were long lost besties, that’s how sweet she is.  She asked what I did for a living and I told her I owned a small online shopping destination! She asked me the name and loved it! I told her my polka dot dress was a new “Pre Fall” item from my boutique and this occasion presented itself as the perfect time to sport this piece. I hadn't named this dress yet as it wasn't released yet, but it is now named the "SJP" dress of course!

(Click the photo below to view on our website.) 

 One of sales associates nspired me to try the "Story" ballet flats  in "Cartel" (sparkly leopard) because they looked so cute with her all black outfit! I thought yo myself, "Oh, not a bad idea to get a beautiful pair of flats that will get more use than the heels." Don't get me wrong, I am a collector of beautiful shoes so I am certainly happy with them sitting right in my closet for me to admire and share with the lucky ones that get to hangout in my closet with me! These parking leopard flats were #SOLDTOME!

I don't have a plain black point toe pump other than my Louboutin "So Kate" pumps from Christian Louboutin, they are the 120's. The 120's are the highest stiletto and unfortunately due to not walking in heels like I used to, wearing a straight up stiletto of that height isn't realistic for my ankles anymore. I now stick to the "Pigalle" (100 mm) in Louboutins. That lead me to purchasing these beautiful shoes...


The next pair that I decided on were HOT PINK barbie shoes, the "Fawn" and boy did I fawn over those. They are her signature pump that she does in a bunch of colors. They fit just like MOnolos, the toe box and everything! They are satin and timeless in all their beauty. I chose these because I wanted another fun pop of color, but I already have my red Loubs so these seemed like a great idea! All of the "Fawn" heels have a signature stripe down the back, very nice touch!

Whitney gave me her card and took a photo with me! She said to email her and that she would send me some signed dust bags for our shoes! So sweet right?! She also wanted to introduce me to, George Malkemus. Mr. Malkemus is the president of Monolo Blahnik USA and I was JUST as thrilled to meet that mastermind as a small business owner. He partnered with SJP for her shoe line a few years ago after she proclaimed the only way she would do shoes, if it was with him...so they did it! We chatted about "business" after he asked me where I got my dress and I explained how I have a small women's clothing boutique! I told him I felt the dress was perfect for the occasion and embodied "Carrie Bradshaw" was very SJP and he agreed. I made a comment in the boutique in NYC saying how the fit and feel was like Monolos and that was when the stylist informed me that their shoes are very similar as the partner is involved with Monolo, so it made perfect sense and I knew my stuff and didn't even realise it!



I have always had a passion for shoes, I love them so much and I even feel like my shoes have feelings. If I don't wear them I make my girlfriends wear them out because I feel they deserve to be worn! 

I admire SJP so much, even as her own self and not her character of Carrie Bradshaw. I see the same passion and zest for life in both of us. I also see someone who dances to the beat of their own drum and contest their own personal style, regardless of trends and what's "hot" in t he moment as do I.  Her and  I both like to embody classic elements in our wardrobe...timeless capsules that will never go out of style. She emulates this with her shoe line and it is spectacular. I understand why she didn't want to take selfies or sign shoes, she did what I would have done and currently do; connecting with your customers. She took the time to get on her hands and knees to help her customers that came out to see her. She made us feel wanted and heard. As much as I would have loved a shot together and a signed pair of "Windsor" heels,  it was magical experience that added so much value to her brand. I will hold close this day close to my heart not just because of the chatting with SJP, but because my aunt took the time to take me to do something so special. She just simply gets me, she created me in a sense! I hope you enjoyed this little story and you can click on all the photos to take you on a magical shoe journey. I highly advise you parooze her website, she is so involved in her brand and its something for everyone to see and admire!





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    Wow! A moment in time for the #StyleSnob books! So elated for you. You always talked about SITC and how she was your spirit animal. One day you’ll get your photo taken with her I just know it doll! 💃🏼💃🏻 📸 🌟

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    Amazing! And of course the shoes 😍 Straight up to die for!

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    What a fun and unforgettable day! So awesome for you and your Aunt to meet SJP…Love seeing all the fun you are having with all the beautiful outfits and shoes, too! Makes me wanna take a visit to Vegas, lol. Thank you for sharing with us ❤️

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    Soo awesome!! I can’t imagine how StarStruck you were!!

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    What an amazing experience that must’ve been! Honestly reading this makes me feel as if I’m sitting in that same room with you girls there. I’m obsessed with the show, the fashion, THE SHOES, ugh just magical! I’m so jelly you got to meet her! 💕 I’m in love with the shoes you picked out 😍