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As this is my first official blog post I want to share my immense gratitude today for all of you, my clients...my GIRLS!  Without you it literally wouldn’t have been possible to have Style Snob. You girls have helped me grow into a better version of myself through this roller coaster ride. You have shown kindness and patience as I lived and learned through SO MANY situations (beware…with the website there will be more). 
A special thank you to my mother. My mother is a special woman who knows how to find her kid’s strengths, but also pushes them in that direction.Thank you for encouraging the path I have taken, encouraging me to go to college (I actually had no choice lo), encouraging me to travel the world, encouraging me to work with clothing and encouraging me to stay true to who I am. You are an incredible mother. 
Thank you to all of my amazing friends who have encouraged me to grow this company and helped so many ways. This has truly been a labor of love. It has been the most amazing experience to involve my friends in the process; from buying, to copywriting and the creation of this website. Thank you, I couldn’t ask for better friends. 
Last but not least, I want to so thank you to the love of my life, Joshua. My incredibly supportive, patient, loving and kind boyfriend.  It has been Joshua by my side every single day since the birth of Style Snob. He has been there through ALLLLL the blood, sweat and lots of tears. Two and a half years ago  when I  told him I was going to purchase 12k worth of inventory on credit he didn’t hesitate to say “Go for it babe!” He has also worked full time with me to help grow my company in different phases and I am forever grateful.  I just didn’t know men like him actually existed. Every woman needs a Josh…the kind of man who looks at you like you are magic and doesn’t stop you from chasing your dreams. I do believe it was his love that gave me my wings. I had this idea, but may not have jumped so soon and so far without him by my side. I know being with an entrepreneur, especially through the start up phase cannot be easy. We have lugged my inventory from Las Vegas to Austin then to Southern, CA and into Josh’s parents living room (bless their hearts). Thank you for being the silent partner in bringing this all into fruition. We both kind of dance to the beat of our own drums and somehow we dance together.He has truly become my home. I love you Joshua, with all my heart. 
Everything I do is done in love. I hope everything here brings you joy.
All of the love…
Style Snob


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    Congratulations!! I love it 😘❤️

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    I am excited about the style boxes

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    I am so excited about the launch of your website and delighted for all the women that have yet to discover you and the joy you will bring to them, their wardrobe and their overall confidence! You have had a vision and I am beyond thrilled to see that come to fruition! You have brought the joy back in to my closet and the easy style back in to my life. You have a gift and I am so happy you are so willing to share it with all of us. Wishing you many years of growth, success, abundance and dressing your devoted Style Snobites! XOXO!

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    Wow!!!! This blog post literally has me choked up!!!! Lump in my throat status!!!! This is the sweetest! You are truely an amazing human full of lots of love and light! I’m so glad i stumbled upon one of your lives over 2 years ago! Y

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    My beautiful friend Deanne. I am bursting inside with happiness for you! I am so happy you are living your dream! This website and collection is beautiful, as they all are. May God bless you every step you take. You know I have always believed in you and love you dearly my friend♥️ Now, time to SHOP!!!