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So I recently went to Las Vegas to visit my family/friends for Easter. I was originally going to fly so I could work instead of worrying about driving and I also just didn't want to put the miles on that Audi of mine (my baby). But last minute I didn't feel right leaving without feeling more settled in with shipping orders and taking care of my customer's needs before departing for a few days.

I knew going into it I may cancel the flight, I fly Southwest a lot and they are great about that so I left it up until the day before then CANCELED it! lol. So I ended up driving. The drive was probably needed, forced time to just think without distractions. I also played some great music and just tried to relax for four hours. 

The trip was great, caught up with my family and spent some much needed QT with my aunt (my aunt who spoiled me with clothes & shoes my whole life and probably is a large reason I am the way I am today hehe). I also got to hangout with my cousin and her 11 month old baby so that was nice. I baked an Italian lemon cake with my grand mother on Easter which was something I really wanted to do for her so that was wonderful too (we are East Coast Italians so we make and eat a lot of Italian food- I wanted to impress my Memom).

The second part of the trip was devoted to girl time, time with my friends catching up, eating and laughing. My friends are wonderful, they inspire me and are so supportive. I am also so thankful to have girlfriends who can kind of do it all. They all have careers/business' and some are mom's as well! I could go on and on about having friends that inspire but I will save that for its own post! There is so much I could say!

My point I wanted to make in this post is that time away from the day to day of running my business, being surrounded by my product was much needed. I unapologetically needed a break. But with taking a break, I always fear the stress I will feel when I am back at it, feeling like the walls are caving in on me with things to do to process forward. If you now me, you know I am all about progression and forward moving. I am a true "doer" and when I am not "doing" I almost feel like I am wasting time. As much as I can bring my work with me, my product is not with me. It is stressful, I feel guilty leaving it. I actually brought a bag of dresses to do a try on sash but my phone's screen cracked (I still need to take care of that...yikes).  I can do a lot of things I normally procrastinate while I am away like messaging vendors, buying etc. I am a buyer first and foremost so being peaceful and comfy so I can hunt down the latest and greatest is important...otherwise why would anyone want to shop with me if I don't have new product right?! I did get some great new pieces while in Vegas. But oh man...is it hard to get back in the swing of things even when I work from other places.

This year, my "resolution" was to kind of stay put for a while. NO big trips, no impulsive travel plans. I spent my 20's doing whatever I wanted and its been awesome but my sweet boyfriend is there to remind me to reign it in. Not everything has to be NOW NOW NOW (in Deanne world it always wast). I just wanted to focus on growing my business and saving for a rainy day. Because I don't have many girlfriends in CA, random little trips to Vegas are necessary. But getting back into the swing of things...it is a struggle every single time! Moral of the story, I think its best I stay put regardless of needing a break. I need to force myself to go sit on the beach for a full day with no work and that will have to be what recharges me. lol.

Even reading a book, I was reading "When Friday isn't Payday" and that got me going! I started remembering things I needed to do that pertained to the chapter I was reading! I am ridiculous lol.

I am sharing this because with this blog I want to share my struggles as an entrepreneur, in hopes that other small business owners can share and relate too. I call it mom guilt but business guilt because let me tell you my business is also attached 100% of the time and my livelihood actually depends on how well its taken care of.

Needless to say, I won't be going anywhere anytime soon, not even for two days lol. I had said it probably wasn't going to be a good idea in the end but I also wanted to spend some time with my besties. IT was worth it but I also live and learn what is best to do with this business of mine and myself. All the delicious food and good conversations made it worth it. 


I will write my recommendations from this last trip in a separate post. I am a Las Vegas native and a foodie at heart, so I will share places I love to go and hotels that are great to stay in because I have stayed in them all and worked in a good chunk too lol!




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    Have you read “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert? If not, I think you’d really like it.

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    Love you boo! You are an inspiration ❤️❤️❤️