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I see a little blurb often that says “Document the moments you love what you’re wearing, feel good oabout yourself and feel most alive. Then repeat.” 

Well, I felt called to write something I shared in my Facebook VIP group today, here on my blog. I wanted to always remember that moment and the little message I saw scrolling Instagram that sparked it. So here it is….

Good morning angels! Happy MONDAY ✨✨I am feeling extra grateful this morning to just wake up, have my tea and listen to the birdies chirp with a clear mind. There hasn’t been a day that goes by that I don’t feel so so SO grateful to have mental clarity in this new year. To feel immense gratitude for the love and support in my life, especially after an incredibly challenging year. The kind of year where life throws many challenges at you, and you have to pick yourself up and keep going. I experience a whole other level and I’m still processing just how wonderful that is, how we can turn our lives around and feel whole again if we do the work and believe we can get back to ourselves, an even better version! I know I post often about being thankful and it may be annoying, but I just like to share from my heart. So this morning, I am sharing in this moment that I feel immense gratitude for all of you, my family, my friends and all the love in my life. Sometimes I feel undeserving. I’m a tough cookie and an acquired taste, I am surely not for everyone. But I’ve also never cared about being liked or accepted, the right people will stay and they will love you. This year I have really felt blessed to have even just one person that loves me. We forget how lucky we are for that alone. To feel loved and experience love in our life. Not everyone experiences that. So remember to spread love where you can.

I didn’t  want to share something goal oriented, instead I wanted to share a reminder of the things that truly matter. 🤍🤍🤍

I hope everyone has a nice start to the week and that you find moments to yourself to unwind or be in touch with yourself with how you’re feeling! I’m doing so right now and for that, I am thankful. 🤍