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Well, I just want to start this by saying if you’re reading this, thank you. I’ve on what I call a “hiatus from all things Style Snob and social media related for some time now. Towards the end of 2022, I eased back into it at a slow and healthy pace (for me). I will talk more about this in later posts as I’m comfortable putting my thoughts on paper in away that conveys what I’ve been going through. For now, let’s start on a positive note with my “word of the year.”

We hear the topic of a "word of the year" a lot nowadays. I find it to be a healthy discussion topic with friends and colleagues. If you allow it, people’s words + the meaning behind them may provide new perspectives, inspire or even allow you to connect deeper over something positive.  

Last year my word was “peace.” I felt a lot of chaos around me and within myself, I just wanted to quiet the noise surrounding me while cultivating peace within myself again. By the closing of 2022, I can successfully say I did that, it just took aa while but I know there is always calm after a storm. There is also growth from the more trying seasons.

I have welcomed “FOCUS” as my chosen word for 2023. When asked by a group of friends, focus was the first word to spark something in me!

What does that mean for me? Well, I have given myself space to ease into this year. Even writing this blog, I kept pressuring myself to get it out asap. Then I reminded myself the world isn’t ending and I can share things whenever I am ready. I reminded myself not pressure myself as that was a toxic behaviour that took over me a lot of my life, PRESSURE (that should be my anti-word for the year).

I will (initially I wrote the word "want" before "I" then remembered our words and manifestation is powerful so I better put, "I WILL." I will focus on all things that set my soul on fire, the things I pushed away this past year. I don’t want to lose sight of my purpose on this earth again. I will focus on my PURPOSE of inspiring and uplifting others through fashion because I know now more than ever it is a fire in my soul to do so. I built a community of supportive uplifting, like minded women 7 years ago and I am feeling I need to nurture that more than ever. Taking a step back from my business provided a lot of clarity on things, such as realising how special of a  quality it is to uplift and inspire others. The clothing is just a cherry on top!

My mental and physical health is a huge focus, confronting health "things" that I was putting on the back burner for a while now. A lot of us do it, we don't want to confront those health concerns right away. I often write things off as "I don't have time to worry about that." If I am intentional with my time and focus on the people and activities that feel GOOD, there is enough time to handle all things health wise. I have come to realise confronting and taking care of those things help me do everything else better in the end. Taking care of our mind, body and spirit is essential because everything flows from that. 

I will focus my energy on my marriage, spending quality time together. We have made sure to carve out that time to enjoy church on Sundays together again. This is another thing that when we do it, everything else just flows better. It makes you feel amazing and you have positive things to discuss afterwards. Focusing on spending time with friends that fill my cup up. The relationships that leave me feeling inspired when I leave are the ones I wannt to nurture.

Focusing on finances is a big one for me if I am being honest. I feel talking finnance is a taboo buuuuut your girl loves to push the boundaries always. I also like to be transpareent aboutall life things.  I have a lot to absorb and learn about finances. I will focus on sticking to financial goals while learning more about investing and how to make your money grow along the way. Even with my business, I hired wonderful people to handle all the finance end of things.  Outsourcing is beneficial as it gave me the time to focus on what I do best, but I just simply want to learn even more.  

I will devote time to focusing on giving back the way I used to. Philanthropic work, at any capacity, has always been a driving force in my life, the small platform I’ve been blessed with really allowed me to share and give back in bigger ways than just myself. I will focus on giving more this year; filling not just my cup but other people who can do absolutely nothing for me. 

I also want to focus on getting my business where I want it. I want to do everything #stylesnob a healthy amount for me so it feels fun again! Focusing on the things I know bring myself and my clients the most joy is essential. I burned myself out in the past as I often refer to it as, "feeling like a circus monkey." I was doing all things on the business end of it but then I was a creator on many platforms and I couldn't gage what was working or what direction needed to go anymore. It truly felt like a circus and I wanted to get off the ride for a while. In turn this provided a lot of clarity.I have to focus on the things that work, and do those better. 

 With all of this being said, I just want to focus on all  things that feel good, that bring me back to my highest self. Focus on staying away from negative self talk and limiting thoughts & beliefs. We are vibe-ing HIGH, my girls! 

One of my favorite sayings is,“everything you want is on the other side of consistency.” Focusing on consistency + overall health and peace then everything else will flowwwww from that. 

I also just want to thank everyone who has pushed me, believed in me, asked to collab with me. I’ve come to realize from my “break” that so many people continued to see something in me when I couldn’t see it in myself any longer. Thank you for welcoming me back with open arms. I’m here to stay, por vida. 🤍


I encourage you to share your word of the year and it's meaning in the comment section below. I know myself and our fellow #stylesnobs would LOVE it to see it!