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She is back! “Sincerely Style Snob” is back! A few years ago when designing this website, it was important that we would have a blog section to share my thoughts, experiences and anything I  felt may help or enhance your life! You know, all things, “Sincerely Style Snob.”

Last  year with the chaos that was my life, I quickly lost my inspiration in the midst of a pandemic while navigating being a, “covid bride.” I eventually decided I needed to focus solely on my boutique so I deactivated my “Sincerely Style Snob” instagram account and stepped away from any type of blogging. Things felt so heavy at the time in both the world and my own life. I didn't feel inspired to put my thoughts down on paper any longer. 

After a long stay on the East Coast visiting my family for the holidays, I was able to give my whole being the rest I craved. It was an incredibly emotionally trying end to our year and I longed for quality time with my family. After giving that brain of mine a rest, inspiration started to pour in again (imagine that). Isn’t it amazing what good breaks can do for the mind, body and soul?! I think for a while I  felt disappointed in myself that I had to let that part of my business go, the outlet that was essentially for me to share what was on my heart. I think I felt there was a finality to it. 

Funny enough, it  clicked while being away that there never has to be a finality to things. We can pick up and start over again whenever our heart desires. We can take breaks; long ones and come back revived whenever we want. Even with moving (we have moved states quite a few times the last few years), I never like to feel that where we live is it for us. I don't like that I can’t end up somewhere else in the world in the future. I always need to know moving is an option because well we aren't trees! But I digress...

My message to you? Give yourself that grace and trust that the timing will work out when its supposed to. In different seasons of life we may feel impartial to things that once made us happy. I  experienced this with my passion for playing the piano. I took piano lessons and played almost everyday for 8 years. We moved from Connecticut to Nevada and even though we still had a piano, I had no desire to play anymore. The move impacted me in a big way and I was incredibly sad for a long time. Piano is another thing I have on my radar to pick up again. Sometimes it comes full circle and we go right back to it. 

For me, my writing used to flow very easily. Putting my thoughts on paper came easy and I enjoyed it. During these heavier times it just wasn’t flowing how it used to. Just like piano, you would think I would want to write more during a trying time, but it went the opposite for me. That’s okay though, instead of wasting energy feeling as though I am not fulfilling my potential, I am learning to give myself those breaks for however long I need. Leaning into trusting that what is meant for me will come back to me when the timing is right is my vibe right now. Timing is everything.

A new year and a fresh  start inspired me to truly put all the things I resisted in the previous year behind me. If I feel resistance towards something, it's best just to be let it go. In doing this it allows more space for creativity and all the wonderful things that are meant for me to flow in. Don’t ever feel like it's too late to start fresh. If you started something and the timing maybe wasn’t right or the concept wasn’t fully there, maybe it needed tweaks or maybe you just needed to step away for a while, you can always just start again. 

Is there something that you took a break from that you feel inspired to get back into this year? I would love to hear it! This year isn’t a, “New year, new me” situation. It's about getting back to the best version of myself, the one that does what feels good + setting those intentions for growth. Cheers to doing more things that bring us joy and living intentionally in 2022. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my words. Love you girls! Xoxo