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August...we are in AUGUST. Actually, I literally had to remind myself its basically September! Where did this beautiful month go?

Well, I will tell you where it went for me. But first, I would like to start off with the conversation that inspired this blog. So here we go! Yesterday I was on a call with my friend Britt's husband, Brian (so cute right? Britt & Brian). Brian works for a marketing firm in Las Vegas and I wanted to pick his brain/ask for advice in certain areas of my business. I was explaining to Brian that August is a special month at the end of the summer where I consciously slow down so I can stand back and re-evaluate my business before we head into the fall/winter season. It is also a special time where I let loose, get outside more and enjoy LIFE in my beautiful #stylesnob pieces! Getting off the #stylesnob hamster wheel for a bit helps me come back to it with a refreshed mind full of new ideas! I not only enjoy every moment soaking up the last month of summer, but I encourage my clients to do the same. I was telling chatting with him about this because I mentioned that I don't start selling sweaters and cold weather clothing until September hits. Why? Because I want all of YOU to be out there enjoying life too! We spent all summer shopping so many gorgeous styles from my shop, its time to simply enjoy wearing them because there will always be another cute piece of clothing...there won't be another summer of 2020 (I say 2020 lightly, maybe some of you don't want there to be...weird times). 

Brian said to me, "Wow thats so beautiful did you tell them that?"

I thought to myself, "No, not really. I guess I assumed they knew how I felt. How could they know, though?"

So I told him, "No actually..."

That sparked an idea on this call. What a perfect time it is right now to focus on the personal styling side of my business. As we move into the new season, some of you may have your fall/winter clothes packed away. Some of you may have your whole closet mixed in together. However your wardrobe situation appears right now, I am here to let you know that I can virtually assist with various needs in the clothing/organisation category. Do you need help organising styles so you get the most out of your wardrobe? Or maybe you are someone who needs help "editing" & purging styles? Maybe you just want a style overhaul altogether (trust me I have been there and done this). I am here to help you transition into a new season, whether that is with your life or actual season, I got you girl!

As for me, I have a f ew more days of snorkeling in the coves and socializing with my girls before its time for all things FALL. I will always be a summer loving girl though. I am here for the sunny beach days, sandals, sun dresses and iced drinks on long walks. 

I have provided the link to book a virtual sesh below if your heart desires the help.  This can be tailored to you so don't hesitate to email us. Until then, please put on a #stylesnob dress and go grab a a frosty beverage! You deserve it, make these last days of summer count!