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   If you have landed on this blog, you may be on the hunt for a wedding venue or maybe you are intrigued with the idea of an elopement! If you are here because you simply want all the tea, I've got you covered!  Let’s get down to it! I would like to mention I was a, “Covid Bride"! We didn't have plans of a big wedding so I didn't consider myself one at first. We had plans of a romantic elopement pretty much from the jump.  I think what got me through the thick of the pandemic was planning this magical elopement we envisioned. Our plans gave my husband and I something special to look forward to when the world returned to normal.
     Right after my husband, Joshua, and I got engaged in the beginning of 2020, I stumbled upon Acre on the gram! I was going down one of those bridal rabbit holes! I absolutely fell in LOVE with the aesthetic! Give me all the greenery and industrial concrete walls. We had our hearts set on an Italian elopement, but if we were to have a larger wedding, I knew a wedding celebration at Acre’s, Mango Orchard would be amaze. At the time, larger weddings were the main focus of their venue. This goes for most venues prior to Covid. We knew we wanted something intimate + this Italian/American girl wanted to say, “I do” in her Motherland. So what did we do? We planned a Eurotrip revolving around an elopement on the Amalfi Coast (my favorite place in the world). 
     After over a year of being engaged during, “The C,” I began to feel stagnant with wedding plans because of ever changing rules, a new vaxx on the market and travel restrictions still in place. We made a decision to explore options elsewhere so we could get our happily ever after show on the road. That little voice inside my head told me to circle back to Acre so I went paroozing on IG!  I noticed they had curated new spaces to accommodate smaller wedding celebrations. This quickly intrigued me. Acre had successfully pivoted to cater to the times we were in. Elopements & significantly smaller wedding celebrations became more trendy. It was during the pandemic the coined term, “Micro Wedding,” came about. I had fallen in love with Acre all over again! I mean, what is NOT to love?! This beautiful property features lush greenery, giving jungle vibes, chic industrial backdrops, incredible hospitality, eco friendly treehouses & farm to table fare (my foodie self LOVED this)! We contacted their fabulous wedding coordinator, Frida, and secured a date pronto.

Based on my experience, I have provided some information below you may find helpful if you are considering a celebration at Acre. Wether you want something with just the two of you, 30 of your closest friends & family or a 200 person event, Acre has it all! 
Is it a hotel?
     When I show people Acre, they often ask if it's an all inclusive resort. Acre is tucked in the foothills of San Jose del Cabo. The property is located on a lush 25 acre sanctuary featuring organic farms, private event spaces and a swanky restaurant & bar! It is not a resort per say, more like a jungle maze of eco-friendly treehouses! The treehouses are uniquely adventurous, but  they aren’t air conditioned. I mention this as I wouldn't recommend utilizing them to get ready in before your event. From May through October, it is incredibly hot and humid in Cabo. November through March are ideal months to plan your event because of the weather. With that being said, we decided to  plan our elopement in October because we were approaching year two of being engaged. Also be warned, the treehouses aren’t equipped for rain. If the weather is ominous, you may have to evacuate. The charm of a treehouse stay is that we spent the evening 30 feet above the ground in the middle of what felt like the rain forest.  It was a magical way to wake up the next morning. Looking out at the rain covered palm leaves was absolutely beautiful. If a treehouse isn't ideal and you are looking for a resort to stay, we love Cabo Azul in San Jose del Cabo! This resort offers a peaceful vibe right on the beach. The property is super clean and the amenities are great. This is also a family friendly place to stay. Cabo Azul also provides on-site Covid testing, making the process super smooth so you can travel home safely.
Walking up to our treehouse to take some photos after our ceremony.
A sweet moment in our treehouse after our ceremony.
Wedding Planning
     The venue has 4 different areas for celebrations. What caught my eye for smaller celebrations were the new, Mezcal Lounge and The Blue Room. The Mezcal Lounge accommodates up to 24 guests while The Blue Room accommodates up to 32 guests! Something to note, their tables, chairs and place settings are included in the wedding package (YAY)! You can totally personalize each outdoor room with outside rentals if you desire. With such a chic space, you don't need much as the property shines on its own. At the start of planning our big day at Acre, we were going to have a micro wedding that included our siblings, parents and my best friends. For this micro wedding celebration, we were going to host both a rehearsal dinner and a wedding dinner at Acre. The rehearsal dinner would be held on the roof and the wedding dinner would happen in The Blue Room. I am sharing this so you know this is an option as both spaces are different and you can give each celebration a unique vibe. Needless to say, plans shifted so in the end we simplified. We decided our day would be celebrated with just the two of us after all. We opted out of rentals, using what Acre provided instead. We also re-purposed the floral from our ceremony on "The Lover's Lawn", displaying them in The Mezcal Lounge for our romantic wedding dinner. We danced to our wedding song, “Beyond,” by Leon Bridges, before the being served a decadent five course meal. 
     For larger celebrations, The Mango Orchard, accommodates over 200 guests! In addition, their fabulous pool area is perfect for cocktail hour as well as a beautiful photo op! The possibilities are endless at Acre.
Some details of our setup in The Mezcal Lounge.

Do I need a wedding planner?
     The venue has a fabulous wedding coordinator, Frida! I can’t say enough wonderful things about her. She will help brides in providing an extensive list of vendors, provide a timeline and help with menu selections. Frida certainly helps the decision making process go smoother for the bride. For an elopement, I personally don’t think a planner is necessary. Frida can assist in pulling it all together flawlessly. If you want outside rentals, I suggest sourcing them from Baja Boutique Rental. In the end, I kept it simple. We focused on florals created by, Del Mar Floristeria. For our special day, I envisioned lush pink and red florals! Del Mar Floristeria certainly delivered! While we were taking photos around the property, Frida had everything set up in The Mezcal Lounge. As you can see, something this small is easy (er) to plan. For a larger celebration, I do feel a planner to help keep all the moving parts straight is necessary. Lola del Campo Wedding & Design Studio is a highly recommended wedding planning company in Cabo.

This brings me to my next point, the FOOD! 
     The food is impeccable! I am a foodie gal from Vegas who LOVES & appreciates farm to table food. The food at Acre is something to blog home about. We dined here a few times on this trip because you can enjoy both lunch and dinner! Choosing food selections was simple! We chose five courses from a seasonal menu Frida provided. I can’t go without advising to try the cheddar biscuits, they are a must at every meal! If we were to do a micro wedding vs. an elopement, we were planning a family style dinner. I love family style because guests are able to try more variety! Family style really does bring the whole crew together at the dinner table. 
Our Menu:
1st Course: Tiradito de la baja I Cheddar Bisuits, Moringa Leaf, Organic Honey Butter
2nd Course: Burrata with Pepperonata I Mini Heirloom Tomatos, Capers, Bell Peppers, Cured Olives, Acre Farm Basil, Balsamic Reduction
3rd Course: Grilled Octopus I Ajillo Sauce, Fingerling Potatos, Chorizo
4th Course: Catch of the Day “A la Plancha” I Roasted Eggplant and Piper Leaf Puree, Zucchini, Sauteed Greens
Dessert: Creme Brulee + our custom mini cake made by in house pastry chef
To elope or not to elope?
     The fun thing about an elopement, its more care free and flows with more ease. You don’t have the anxiety of people waiting on you, a strict timeline or expectations from others. Life is complicated enough so we wanted the intimacy and romance that an elopement provides. We personally didn’t feel that we missed out because my family threw a big engagement party on the Las Vegas strip in 2020! We invited all of our friends and family to join us for an epic night of dancing (flamenco) and partying followed by an after party with belly dancers! I was also still celebrated in true bridal fashion; a bridal weekend featuring a shower and bach night out in Vegas. Everyone close to us was super supportive of our plans and celebrated with us at the various events leading up to our wedding. These are not your traditional steps leading to the alter, but sometimes you have to shake things up.
Acre isn’t your traditional venue but as you can see,  I am not the most traditional bride! Its fabulous for weddings and celebrations of all sizes! If you aren’t planning a wedding, I highly recommend going to there for lunch or dinner while on holiday in Cabo! Walk the grounds, stay in a treehouse if that strikes your fancy, and have yourself a love affair with Acre!
Style Snob
Wedding Venue: Acre | Coordinator/Planner + Design: On Site Coodinator, Frida @ Acre| Photography: Los Ebano (Cabo Based) | Tablescape: Acre | Florals Del Mar Florist| Wedding Dress: Sarah Seven via Love Bridal Boutique  Makeup + Hair: Los Cabos Wedding Makeup