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Hi everyone!

I wanted to just drop in here and do a little post as my blogging "career" has gotten a little away from me with the season change etc. Why is that? Well fall/winter is usually my busiest time of year. Everyone loves to update their wardrobes for the new season and I have so much fun assisting with that! It leaves me with a super packed schedule, lots of pre planning and ordering but I LOVE it. I thrive off the hustle. This summer I realized that I don't do well having too much “idle” time. I need to have a packed schedule doing things I love and constantly creating to feel fulfilled and happy. I started to almost feel depressed towards the end of the summer so right now, I am thriving off this bustling energy! I have also been feeling oh so INSPIRED! I am a hard working, motivated Capricorn girl who finds inspiration everywhere and all of the time. In a new season like fall, the fashion inspiration juices are free flowing! This brings me to my latest little project that hit me like a bag of bricks (my own weird saying when I get a feeling and just have to go with it).  I felt I wanted to update the site with more fall/winter inspired photos, but also with a more lifestyle feel. Why you might ask? Well, my business is soooo personal! I am sharing things all of the time and that has been consistent for three years now. To have photos in my home aka the "Style Snob HQ" just seemed to make sense this time around. I want to invite all of YOU into my space where I create and work, serving all of you through my love of fashion. 

We had the best time working with Nicole Kirschner, the same photographer that did the current website photos when we we launched in the spring! She specializes in wedding & engagement photography but I LOVE her warm, happy vibe and simply need it to convey the vibe of my brand.

I also had Josh's fab cousin, Daniella on set to do my makeup this time. I always say I am not a makeup girl, I do the bare minimum but I am surely having way more fun these days letting makeup artists go crazy and trying new things. Here is a sneak peak.

I always intend to share way more than I do every week. To be honest, sometimes I feel like I probably bore my customers as I am a 29 year old girl who just has fur babies and a boyfriend and works all the time. Not much interesting stuff goes on unless I am traveling (at least that's how I have always felt because all I do is work). So with having photos that represent my brand that were taken in my home, the goal was to have those that shop from me and follow me to feel a little bit closer to me while they are looking around the website or scoping out any of my social media content.  

This whole running of a "social boutique" has its ups and downs. Right now its on the up and up, I am not looking down...just forward or back to reflect I LOVEEEE reflecting). To some it just might be photos, but for me this was yet another project that represents GROWTH. It also took a month of pre planning looks, and then the prep of getting the home together for the shoot (thank goodness for Josh's parents). Also the coordination of the photographer and the makeup artist and making sure Josh got off work so he could be there to help too. But I do this all while trying to maintain my goals every week for my boutique between the collection, shipping, trying on for my IG story and everything in between. But like I said, BUSY IS BETTER. I thrive like this. Anyone else thrive this way? 

Stay tuned for a facelifted website! 





  • Posted on by Amanda Howell

    I love to stay busy as well. If I’m not busy I feel as if I get depressed also. Your photos are gorgeous. I love the one on the bed with glasses. Super cute. You are awesome and love all that you do.

  • Posted on by Maggie Bennett

    Great idea Deanne!!! Can’t wait to see it. So glad work is busy and going well – miss you!!! Xoxox

  • Posted on by Worm

    This is so beautiful worm. I am dying to see the rest of the photos. Literally everything just came out so beautifully and perfect! This will make your clientele feel so much closer to you and relate in such a great manner with you. Lmao you’re absolutely NOT boring 😂😂 I love my wild branchee fur god babies.

    Love you & proud of you wormy

  • Posted on by Kendra

    I love that everything is falling into place as it should be. You deserve all the happiness girlie ❤️. Love being here and being part of something that I know id just beginning for you. Keep dreaming huge and know we all love and support you !!!
    You are an amazing woman and I’m so honored to be witness to all of this 😘

  • Posted on by Alissa

    I cannot wait to see the photos! Your home is the perfect backdrop. I totally understand how you feel about being happy in the midst of being busy. I’ve always said that I could never survive working in a slow restaurant. I would be so bored. I think it’s the same thing. Looking forward to seeing all of what you have been working on this season!! 💖💖